The friends who minister through the Fellowship In Serving Humanity were running a bit low on finances. Virtually every penny that is given goes directly to the FISH mission; providing emergency food for people in crisis. My good friends Floyd and Barbara invited our worship family to participate and we have been doing so for several years.

This small band of Jesus types give away between 90,000 to 100,000 meals every year. Amazing. Glorious.

Back to being low on funds. Fred, who seems to be omnipresent, took up the challenge to increase the FISH funding. Jane, in her quiet and gentle way, took the lead. Together they participated in organizing this years FISH golf fund-raising event. It was a total success.

FISH was given two foursomes for each t-box. Eighteen holes times eight golfers equals one hundred and forty four golfers. They had to turn people down because all 144 slots were already full.

Thanks Jane. Great work Fred.


Jane is on the left.


Clay, Jane’s husband, is preparing for a 350 yard drive.

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