Fit For the Journey: Reaching your peak performance (or my dentist is cooler than your dentist)

Sunday, April 6, we launch our 90 days of fitness. My interest is in helping people move closer to their peak spiritual, physical, relational, and emotional health. Total fitness for the total journey of life and ministry.

Part of fitness is medical evaluation. Early detection is always a benefit. Advice from a caring medical professional is of tremendous value.

1. Should I get a complete physical?

2. Should I have a complete blood profile?

3. Should I have an eye examination?

4. Should I have a dental examination?

Speaking of dental examination, I thought it would be good for me to be a positive example and role model. Dr. Wright, who, in my biased opinion is the cream of the crop, the top dentist, best on the planet kind of dentist, scheduled me for my twice yearly exam.

Now I don’t particularly enjoy being in the Dentist’s chair, but Dr. Wright makes it a great experience. I was pleased with my report. No false teeth necessary. No caveties.

I guess that means…………my mouth is fit for the journey.


Pretty impressive sign, don’t ya think?


The view from laying in the chair.


Since I am a patient who gags, Dr. Wright celebrates the fact that I am now leaving his office.

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