Fit for the Journey: Reaching your peak performance

Our church family is making every effort to reach our peak performance in spirit, soul, body, and relationship.  We are asking God to help us determine personal goals and for discipline, motivation, and inspiration to accomplish our goals.

There are numerous businesses operated by people who worship with us.  Our church family encourages all godly economic pursuits.  Go for it.  Turn your creativity and resourcefulness into profit and your profit into ministry.

Our organization can not attest to the validity of the claims each business claims.  Any business transaction should be thoughtfully and carefully entered.  If the product relates to health or fitness, we insist that you receive your personal medical professionals approval prior to using the product or advice.

Sebastian, long term MCA worship family member, is involved in a business that provides a variety of products intended to assist in personal health.  Three of the products Sebastian has mentioned to me include a weight loss product, an energy beverage, and a vitamin system.  I’ll tell you for sure, Sebastian is very excited about his business and the products they offer.

Many people in our congregation have some type of connection to multi-level marketing businesses, home businesses that are sales based, and other similar income generating systems.  I think Sebastian’s is a multi-level marketing type of system.

If you want to check it out, direct your browser to his web page at

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