Following are some of the concepts I presented in an introductory talk to our worship community on the subject of “Flourish.” “Flourish” is anchored in studies and reflections upon Psalm 92, which is a pre-Sabbath liturgy. From my perspective the flourishing of Psalm 92 is both for today and for eternity. The weekend’s Sabbath rest is a forward looking taste of the ultimate Sabbath in eternity.

We live in expectation of our eternal future in God’s kingdom (eternal Sabbath).

• In God’s eternal Sabbath He is recognized, understood, and glorified as God.
• In God’s eternal Sabbath His enemies are defeated and destroyed.
• In God’s eternal Sabbath His covenant family flourishes and are productive.

We are not yet in God’s eternal Sabbath. Yet we are in participation with and preparation for this eternal Sabbath.
Psalm 92 shines a beacon upon living today and on being prepared for God’s eternal Sabbath.

God’s eternal Sabbath is real!

• Heaven is real.
• Eternal life is real.
• The New Jerusalem is real.

God’s eternal Sabbath includes (Revelation 21:4, Revelation 22:1-5)

• All tears and reasons for tears are wiped away.
• No more death or mourning or crying or pain.
• The River of the Water of Life.
• The Throne of God and the Throne of the Lamb.
• The Great Street of the city.
• The Tree of Life.
• No longer will there be any curse.
• The redeemed will see God’s face.
• No more night.
• The Lord God will give the light.

God’s eternal Sabbath includes all of the glories of Psalm 103.

Here is the big deal. When some of the eternal invades the temporary, we flourish!

Today’s introductory message is about learning to:

• See the moments in your life where God’s eternal Sabbath invades the temporary and you flourish.
• Understand what God teaches in the Bible about how He blesses His children. Deuteronomy 28:1-14, Matthew

As MCA’s 2012 ministry year launches today, I am expecting the greatest flourishing year in our history.

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