Forty Days of Prayer: October 15

Does my heart follow my treasure or does my treasure follow my heart?  Today’s prayer focus, Matthew 6:21, helps us think through the treasure/heart question.  So much of our living is based upon our heart and treasure.  I have wondered, when I have seen the bumper sticker, “My kids and my money go to Stanford,” which of the two they miss more?  Are the kids their treasure or is their money?

Our goal is for the MCA worship community to treasure an encounter between people and the glory of God.  God’s revealed and manifest presence is our highest treasure.  Everything else is a cut below.  Without God’s presence we are studying about God.  With His presence we are experiencing Him.  He is not an object to be observed and evaluated.  He is God……to be encountered and experienced.

When we treasure God’s glory our hearts will quickly follow.  When we treasure souls, ministry, healing, salvation, and the presence of the Lord, our hearts become resident in the treasure.  This passage is all about the location of your heart.  Without a doubt, Jesus is teaching that your heart is resident in your treasure.  If your treasure is your fountain pen collection, your heart is resident in the writing instruments.

“Lord, I ask for grace to make your treasure, my treasure.  I am well aware that my heart will be resident in my treasure, so I ask to treasure you, your house, your ministry, your glory.  Forgive me for allowing lesser things to become my treasure.  Golf, racquetball, books, and even my Bible are not my treasure.  My treasure is in You.  Grant to me the favor to invest my money, which is neither my treasure nor my heart, into the buildings our church is establishing because in them my heart is resident in my treasure.”

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