Forty Days of Prayer: October 20

“Great is Thy Faithfulness” is one of the most beloved hymns in recent history.  Just hearing the melody produces the peace of Jesus in the hearts of so many.  Truly it is one of America’s worship selections.

One day, though, it dawned on me.  One of my goals in life should be to live my life so that God can sing this beloved first refrain over me.  Can you catch the dream?  Sure God is faithful.  That is a requirement for God.  An unfaithful God would totally destroy the universe and time and space as we know it.  But me?  It is truly an amazing thing for me to be faithful.  When the Holy Spirit works powerfully in my life, I can live true and faithful to the calling.  Can you imagine God singing over you about your faithfulness?  WOW!

Today’s prayer focus is from Psalm 36:5, “Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.”  All praise to the Faithful God!  He is always in alignment with His character.  Never wavers from His nature.  Always abounds in grace, mercy, and love.

As I think about His faithfulness in relationship to the “Our Heroic Heritage and Our Phenomenal Future” capital campaign, my heart is appreciative for God’s provision of the land upon which we worship, the facilities in which we do our mission, the staff who leads our ministry in the world today, the congregation who joins together for ministry, for the community which allows us to minister here, and for the Most High God!

“Lord, as we pray, plan, and prepare for our giving decision in our capital campaign, we are exceedingly thankful for the faithfulness our forerunners demonstrated to the call of God.  Your faithfulness is our inspiration and our empowerment.  May we find your power to be faithful in our generation!”

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