Forty Days of Prayer: October 21

“God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful.”  1 Corinthians 1:9

I love any verse with God as its first word.  All the books ever written couldn’t contain the depth and breadth of God.  He is the immeasurable, infinite, beyond description, Almighty God.  Without a doubt God is the greatest word in every language.

Check out today’s prayer focus again.  God has given you a call.  Talk about a call you don’t want to miss.  God’s call is one of life’s greatest honors.  To what does the Glorious God call?  He calls, not to a what, but to Whom.

Don’t miss it!  You are called, by God, into fellowship with God’s Son Jesus Christ our Lord.  I am not called to be acquainted with Jesus.  There is no distant relative thing going on with you and Jesus.  You are called into fellowship!  Life giving, best friends, heart to heart fellowship.

The MCA capital campaign, although designed to generate from God’s people a large amount of money, is not about money as much as it is about fellowship between us and God.  Fellowship with Jesus drives all of our spiritual relationship.  Fellowship with Him is essential to receiving His guidance.

Fellowship with the Lord will produce the necessary wisdom, grace, provision, anointing, favor, and relationship within me.  God is my source and He is my supply.  I don’t need provision as much as I need the Provider.  Healing is not as important as the Healer.  Guidance can not compare to a relationship with the One who Guides.

We are called into fellowship with Jesus Christ God’s Son!  Nothing in all the world is greater.

“Lord, I accept your calling into fellowship with your Son.  As I move deeper into fellowship with Jesus, please provide through me everything you desire to bring forth through me.  May the united collection of our worship community walk in newness of fellowship with You and may we see you bring forth through us everything you intend.”  AMEN

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