Four Universities

Branches, leaves, corrugated plastic, and a bit of cloth provided the shade from the 106 degree Burkina Faso sunshine.  Pastor Pawentaore’, sitting on a fairly rickety bench, casually gave keen insight into learning.

“Everyday I go to four Universities.  The first is the University of the Eyes.  Everyday I will see something from which I can learn many things.  Then I attend the University of Hearing.  When I listen closely, everyday I will hear something with seeds of learning and wisdom within.  My third school of higher learning is the University of Taste.  If I allow my sense of taste, it will teach me things I have never yet known.  The University of Touch is my fourth learning opportunity.  The lessons touch can teach are beyond number.  So everyday I seek to learn from my eyes, ears, mouth, and skin.”

“Pastor Pawentaore, that is excellent!” I said.  “An old man, in a small Burkina Faso village told me that story when we were talking about the fact that he never had access to a formal school education.”

Enjoy your university training today.

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