Friday Evening LIFE Group

MCA’s Friday evening LIFE Group is a mega good time.  “I know I say this every week, but Friday evenings in your drive way is so much fun.”  One joyful person said (Joelle).

Because of the joyful nature of our group, we are violating the “small and intimate setting” concept of the MCA LIFE Groups.  Theoretically LFE Groups are designed for 8 to 12 people.  Friday’s 38 people sort of nukes that idea.  However, our talented group has group discussion skills that would wow the experts.

Since we are totally blowing the 8 to 12 notion, please come on over this Friday evening at 7.  Let’s do 55 folks this week.  When we get to 80 in attendance, we will call it 10 groups of 8.  :0)

Call Vanda at 907 337-9495 for directions.




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