Friends and Fellowship

Over the years one’s friends shift, adjust, change, and transition.  Maintaining friendship becomes more challenging as connectivity barriers emerge.  One of the great questions one faces is, “How and with whom should I connect?”

However, in Christ, there is another level of connectivity far more meaningful and deeply embedded than friendship.  The kind of connectivity to which I refer is fellowship.  Fellowship is the relationship of those within the family of God.

One of the powerful New Testament words, in Greek, is One Another.  Try it for yourself.  Start reading the New Testament and see if one another is as vital as grace, faith, and love.  Fellowship is powerful.  So, if you are in fellowship with someone in God’s family………….

1.  Hold that fellowship dear and guard it at all costs.

2.  Hate everything that could destroy the fellowship.

3.  Respect the fellowship because The Trinity is perfect fellowship and all genuine fellowship flows from God.

4.  Enjoy knowing that God has “knit your heart” together with others in His family.

5.  Get over the little things that come between you.  God values fellowship!  In fact, a casual reading of the New Testament shows that it includes huge sections about how to get along with each other and how to keep the fellowship.

Recently I was delighted to spend time with two dear friends with whom we enjoy fellowship.  Maybe they have moved to another state, but the fellowship of the Spirit between us is grand.

Do you have a fellowship friend with whom you should connect?

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