GC:09 INFLUENCE Leadership Conference


This evening’s leadership conference was invigorating, inspiring, motivational, insightful, powerful………I could go on and on.  Glorious.

Travis Cottrell’s rendition of worship selections blessed my heart.  Anyone who can capture a tiny bit of the power of Jesus resurrection is my hero.

Mark Batterson opened leadership insights from the life of Moses.  If you follow me on twitter or are a Facebook friend, you can read the quotes I uploaded in real time.

Reggie Joiner concluded the two talk series with a grand slam home run on the churches need for change.  It was so earth moving that I don’t have words to explain.  Reggie compared his 1985 Macintosh computer to his 2009 Mac Air.  We were then challenged to see if our congregations are still running 1985 types of ministries.

I’ll bring a video home for Greatest Hits to enjoy.



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