General Superintendent’s Cabinet

Recently I received invitation to serve on the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God’s Cabinet. The Cabinet is a type of focus group designed to receive direction from our General Superintendent and for him to hear the perspectives of the Cabinet members. I don’t know how I was invited to participate, however, I suspect that our District Superintendent, Ted Boatsman, suggested me. Thanks, Ted.

The meeting convened in Springfield, Missouri on Thursday and Friday. The conversations were thought provoking, insightful, and helpful. Primarily the conversations were in relationship to the Church Multiplication Network, effective ministry to Young Adults and college ministry, and to the importance of Israel in the Assemblies of God ministry scope.

The Cabinet conversations re-validated and confirmed the direction that God has guided our congregation to pursue. Our venues are, in essence, a type of church planting. We are one church in several locations and yet each venue is a type of local church. The venue leaders serve in a pastoral ministry to those who attend.

Should the Lord tarry, we would like to plant a venue type of church in a location with currently no Spirit filled congregation. May God raise up the leadership team, the finances, and the congregation. “Speak Lord, for your servants are listening.”


Dr. Wood hosting the Cabinet conversation.


Rev. Alton Garrison presenting, “The State of the Church.”

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