Gerold Sebastian Gugel, Sr. Laid to Rest

In a love and faith and hope filled service, Brother Jerry Gugel was honored, blessed, remembered, and laid to rest.   The entire event (service, graveside, and reception) were perfectly accomplished.  Joel’s Prelude prepared our hearts for Tim and Nancy’s congregational singing.  We lifted with energetic voices “Abide With Me,” “We Have an Anchor,” and “Above All.”  Great-grandson Gunnar Boone Hanson and son-in-law Tim White inspired us with a duet selection on guitar.  Pastor Rick read a passage from the Revelation of Jesus Christ.  Hannah, Esther, and Deborah were amazingly powerful with “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and the “Blessing Song.” Many people in the audience told Jerry Gugel stories.  Joe Pietsch and Maria Cardoza presented “Be Thou My Vision” just prior to Pastor Rick closing in prayer.

I am greatly honored to have the opportunity to be Jerry’s pastor for a season of his almost 92 years of earthly life.  Pastor Carlson and others also enjoyed, more than words can say, Jerry’s friendship.










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