Getting Things Done

Our leadership team is pursuing the benefits of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done.” His productivity system is simple, effective, and beneficial. For further info, please direct your web browser to

There are two questions that productivity coaches can not answer for us. 1. What is the best thing for me to get done? 2. What are the most important things for me NOT to do?

As a general rule, it seems to me that the answers to these vital questions are discovered in the realm of morals and morality. It is not a stretch to realize that the principles of productivity can be applied by both moral and immoral people.

These questions can generate great fear. What if deep, personal, life change is necessary in order to do the things that are best for me to do? If you can’t serve the Lord at your current place of employment, then a job change may be a good decision. You may make far less money, miss seeing your co-workers, and regret not being able to reach your full potential in that job, but you will have the confidence that you have character, integrity, and morality.

I am praying that the readers of my blog will not only be “Getting Things Done,” but will be getting the right things and God pleasing things done.

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