Give It!

Following are the notes from my message, “Give It.”

Eucharisteo: Fully Alive. Here. Now.

Give It. (Mark 14:22, 23)

We are on a quest to discover if it is possible to be fully alive, here, and now.

Possibly the ultimate opposite of being fully alive, here, and now, is the taking of one’s own life. For example, the suicide rate among active duty US Army soldiers hit an all time high in 2011. Following are some interesting concepts from the Army’s study of this situation:

• Invisible wounds that remain undetected
• Suffering in silence

These two realities “manifest” in:

• 54 percent increase in alcohol abuse associated with domestic violence.
• 43 percent of active-duty soldiers reported binge drinking within the past month.
• 25-35 percent of wounded soldiers are addicted to prescription or illegal drugs while they await medical discharge.

We learn, in the eucharisteo life, to receive life, as God allows it to come to us, with a deeply held sense of gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness. Mark 14:22, 23

What word is commonly connected with thanks? Give. 48 times, the Bible states thankfulness is something one gives.

• Give from what or from where? Give from a heart of true gratitude.
• Give to whom? Give to God, others, and to yourself.
• Give thanks for what? In everything, give thanks.

In our pain, we want to receive, but the Bible models that in our pain we continue to give.

In our pain we think the part equals the whole, but the Bible models that the part rarely equals the whole.

Pain is loud. We often only hear the voice of pain rather than the voice of God.

The miracle is after the gift is given!
Lazarus John 11:41
Feeding of 4,000 Mark 8:6,7 (Twice)
Feeding of the five thousand Matt. 14:19

As you approach your personal devotional time at the crosses today, ask yourself the following:
• Do I have invisible wounds that remain undetected?
• Do I suffer in silence?
• In my ordinary days, extraordinarily difficult days, and extraordinarily delightful days, am I giving the gift of thanks?
• In my ordinary days, extraordinarily difficult days, and extraordinarily delightful days, am I remembering others?


Connecting with One Another

1. What feelings does springtime stir in you?
2. What is your most exciting hope for this summer?

Digging Deeper into the Weekend Talk

1. In 2 Chronicles 7: 1-3 we see the glory of God coming upon the Temple. In verse 6 we see the giving of thanks. In this passage, what is the relationship between giving thanks and God’s glory, and between giving thanks and dedication?
2. What does Hebrews 4:13 teach about our “invisible wounds?”
3. What does Hebrews 4:15 reveal about Jesus and our invisible wounds?
4. What does Hebrews 4:16 train us to do with our wounds?

Give time for several people in your life group to give thanks.

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