Give Your Fellow Worshipers Your Business

Everyone will be spending money this Holiday season. Some have plenty, others have very little , and still others are in the middle. Whatever your financial reality, you will be spending money this month. House payments, gasoline, utilities, food, and other essentials must be purchased.

As you participate in the economy, why not make the extra effort to purchase from those with whom you worship? It may take a little bit of extra effort, but it is well worth the time. I almost always purchase gasoline from nearby Chevron Stations because one of our MCA family members is involved in owning and operating these stations.

I often have my hair cut by MCA stylists, have home repairs made by MCA contractors, purchase gifts from an MCA jeweler, and purchase tea and coffee from MCA vendors and baristas.


Gary Greenland serving up a hot cup of coffee from his Sears Mall location of Caffe’ Elegante

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