Global Outreach Christians: Reversing the War in Heaven

“Then war broke out in heaven (Revelation 12:7),” has always intrigued me because heavenly war seems like an oxymoron. If my training is correct, the heavenly war was completely anchored in the first and worst of all sin…PRIDE.

bigstock-I-Love-Me-44118211Seems someone up there had the attitude, “It’s all about me.” It should be me. I am the measure of all that is. I am worthy. Yes, even, I love me.

Today it dawned on me that global outreach is a type of reversal of the war in heaven. Global outreach Christians don’t love themselves, they love others. They don’t seek to be loved but to love. Their lives don’t revolve around the axis of self, but around the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Global Outreach Christians do not “love their lives so much as to shrink from death (Revelation 12:11)” but love the One who gave His life for the saving of many.

With every prayer, global outreach gift, and missions trip I can be reversing the war of pride against God.

“Lord, I humble myself before you. Grant me grace to walk humbly before you and in relation to every thing and every one around me. I declare today that this life is not about me. Help me to lay down my life for your mission in our world of today. Your plan for my life is for me to give my life for your plan. I refuse to be the center of my affection. Help me to make you and those you are seeking the hub of my living. I end my war with heaven by giving me, all of me, to you and your purposes on earth and I reverse the war in heaven by being fully engaged for those things that are best for others.” AMEN

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