Global Outreach: Is Your All Too Small?

Telescopes are wonderful devices that help us observe remote objects.  There is much to learn from a Global Outreach telescope.

  • Awareness
  • Empathy
  • Strategy

Microscopes are equally wonderful devices that help us view objects that are not in the resolution range of the normal eye.  There is much to learn from a Global Outreach microscope.

  • Relationship
  • Compassion
  • Implementation

By bringing far things near, telescopes make the world smaller.

By viewing things normally beyond the resolution range of the human eye, microscopes make the world larger.

“Is Your All Too Small?” is the Global Outreach question of the month.

When these “alls” are too small in your experience, your “alls” of going into all the world are too small too.  Matthew 28:18-20

  • Romans 8:28 “I don’t know how things would work out.”
  • Philippians 4:13 “I don’t know how I would meet the challenges and needs.”
  • Proverbs 3:5-6 “How would I handle all of the uncertainties?”
  • Matthew 6:33 “Really?  Make ministry my first priority?”
  • Psalm 103:1-5 “I feel too sinful and besides, what if I get sick and have no strength?

Step One                Firmly experience the truth that the “all” is in your “call.”

Step Two                Is the American Dream your calling’s nightmare?

Step Three             Inside your calling, dream big!  Ephesians 3:20

Today, add the hands on ministry of the microscope to the perspectives seen in the telescope.

Listen – My Story

  1. Have you ever looked through a telescope (binoculars) or microscope? Do you have any interesting stories of what you saw?
  2. If God gave you a miraculous microscope, what in all of the universe of things and ideas would you want to look more closely?
  3. Please complete the following, “If I could speak the Good News of Jesus into a certain segment of the world or society, I would speak too

Lift – Prayer

  • Thank God for giving you love for parts of His world.
  • Please pray for miraculous provision of $45,000 for Pastor Mark and Val Burgess’ need for the foundation of the MCA Bristol Bay facility. God is Able!!!
  • Ask God to increase your personal experience of the “all” passages from the weekend message.
  • Please pray for Pastor Gary and Jael Cox. Jael is fighting a huge battle with cancer and is trusting God for healing.

Learn – Digging Deeper

  1. Read John 1:1-4, 14. Do you think it fair to say that John 1:1-4 emphasizes Jesus’ telescope ministry and John 1:14 emphasizes Jesus’ microscope ministry? In what part of the world or segment of society are you delivering “microscope” ministry? In other words, where are you the Gospel made flesh?
  1. The weekend message was filled with fantastic “All” Bible verses. Do you think the temptation of Eve gives any insight into possible reasons people live far below God’s all verses?  Consider the first line of Satan’s temptation of Eve in Genesis 3:1. What was Satan trying to get Eve to doubt?  Does the Evil One use the same tactics on people today?
  1. How might you activate the “all” verses of the Bible according to Psalm 1?

Life – Taking it Home

  1. In response to this teaching, what action steps do you need to make this week?
  2. Select one of the “all” verses from the weekend message and read it every day this week.
  3. Consider if the American Dream is hindering your calling for ministry.