Global Relationships

God’s way is grand.  When you activate the command of Jesus to be involved in His work around the world you discover your family.

For some people family is comprised of those few who are born of the same natural blood line.  In God’s plan family is determined by the many who are born of the same spiritual blood line.  One’s adoption into God’s family, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, makes Jesus the Older Brother and links Christians together as family through His blood line.  Christians are truly “blood brothers and sisters.”

One of the joys of my life has been to, in a small way, participate in introducing Pastor Melvin and Bonnie Williams (Dominion Ministries International) to part of their Burkinabe family.

Just a few days ago Pastor Mel ministered, in a genuine family kind of way, the dedication of a Burkinabe infant.  I am overjoyed to see how Jesus’ blood line links a diverse world to one another as true family members.

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