GO: Tell

Maybe you have heard it.  The quote is almost everywhere, all the time.

“Preach the Gospel.  If necessary, use words.”

Unfortunately, the famous guy to whom this quote is linked, apparently never said it.  Most likely because it doesn’t truly capture the Biblical perspective of evangelism.

Preach, proclaim, tell, herald, teach and a host of other communication mechanisms are mostly verbal by definition.

“Faith comes by hearing,”  The Bible doesn’t say, “Faith comes by seeing, touching, smelling or tasting.”  Faith is communicated, primarily, by speakers to a hearers.

There are many ways to ‘speak’ the Gospel.  Writing, for example, is a form of speech.  Often I hear a word of faith while reading or listening to a faith filled song.

Maybe the smart guy of long ago actually said, “Preach the Gospel.  It is necessary to use words.”

Use your words today and tell someone of God’s glorious, mysterious and gracious salvation.