God is my Helper and my Keeper

This message features the helping and keeping power of God’s hedge of divine protection around your life.  The key is Psalm 91:14.  The promises are for those who hold fast to loving God and to knowing His name.

The Benefits of Jesus’ Blood:  God Helps and Keeps Me

We are studying God’s hedge of protection around our lives.

The hedge is the term we use to describe the limits beyond which Satan can not go without God’s permission.

The precise term “Hedge” is only used once in the Bible (Job 1:10) however there are numerous other terms for the same powerful truth.

  • “The Lord is my strength and shield.” Psalm 28:7 
  • “For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy.  Psalm 61:3
  • “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer…and my stronghold.”  Psalm 18:2

One of the most popular Bible passages of all time is Psalm 91.  In this Psalm we learn about God being our refuge and our fortress in whom we place our trust.

  1. God delivers you.  Vs. 3
  2. God covers you as a shield and rampart.  Vs. 4
  3. You will not fear day or night.  Vs. 5
  4. No evil will overtake you.  Vs. 10
  5. No plague will come near your tent.  Vs. 10
  6. God will give commands to his angels on your behalf.  Vs. 11-13
  7. God will rescue you.  Protect you.  Answer you.  Be with you.  Deliver you.  Honor you.  Satisfy you with long life.  Show you His salvation.  Vs. 14-16

Psalm 121 another of the most loved Psalms.  The feature of the Psalm is the Hebrew word “shamar” which is translated “keep, keeps, and keeper.”

  1. The One who keeps you, your Keeper, is always wide-awake and attentive.  Vs. 3, 4
  2. The One who keeps you, your Keeper, is effective in all conditions.  Vs. 5,6
  3. The One who keeps you, your Keeper, “hedges” you from all evil. Vs. 7
  4. The One who keeps you, your Keeper, “hedges” your entire life.  Vs. 7
  5. The One who keeps you, your Keeper, “hedges” you everywhere.  (when you go out to business and come in to home life)  Vs. 8
  6. The One who keeps you, your Keeper, “hedges” you right now and forever.  Vs. 8

The key is Psalm 91:14, “Because he holds fast to me in love…Because he knows my name.”

Response song:  Christ alone, cornerstone!  Jesus is the cornerstone of our hedge of protection.

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