God’s Bigger Picture

Our series title, Acts: Our Story, indicates that the Biblical book of Acts becomes the normative example for the co-authoring of our lives with God.  Your life book will be titled,

“The Acts of the Apostles and ____ Your First Name_______ _______Last Name__________.”

Consider the writing picture of 2 Corinthians 3:2,3.  There are twenty-eight chapters in the Acts of the Apostles.  You and God are authoring new chapters of His work in our world of today.

Acts 1:1 shows that Luke’s first volume was written to show “all that Jesus began to do and teach.”  By inference we can say that Luke’s second volume was written to show all that Jesus’ followers began to do and teach.

In the book you and God are co-authoring, “The Acts of the Apostles and ____First Name____________ ______Last Name_____________,” chapter one will be titled, God’s Bigger Picture.

Peter, in Acts 1:15 and following, addresses the exceptionally difficult emotions the group of 120 people were experiencing.

  • Jesus has been crucified, buried, resurrected, and now ascended.
  • Judas has connived, betrayed for thirty pieces of silver, and committed suicide.

Peter understood, to some measure, that in all of this there is God’s Bigger Picture.  Acts 1:16 shows that scripture had to be fulfilled and that it was written beforehand by the Holy Spirit about Judas.

Acts 1:21-26 reveals that Peter had an understanding, from Psalm 109:8, that they were to select a replacement for the apostleship vacated by Judas.

Did Peter know?

  • God was re-constituting Israel and that there needed to be twelve witnesses, just like there were twelve tribes?  Genesis 35:22
  • There are twelve gates in the New Jerusalem with the names of the twelve tribes?  Revelation 21:12
  • There are twelve foundations of the New Jerusalem with the names of the twelve Apostles?  Revelation 21:14

Acts 1:21-26 launches the book of Acts of the Apostles and ____First Name______________ ________Last Name_____________ into God’s Bigger Picture.

With patient (Romans 2:6,7) trust (Psalm 9:10), take action on the revelation God has given you (Judges 6:14) and you will be embracing God’s Bigger Picture.

For a more detailed explanation of Hyatt Moore’s Luke 14 Mural, direct your web browser here.


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