“God’s Not Dead” Questionnaire

Fantastic!  The God’s Not Dead movie has the MCA viewers fired up to represent the Living God to our friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors.  Following are some questions for further reflection.

Special Edition Life Group Notes

(Discussion questions taken from “God’s Not Dead, Study Guide, pages 1-32.)

Listen – Telling Your Story

Discuss the overall impact the movie had on you.

Discuss a time in your life when someone defended you. How did it feel?

Learn – Digging Deeper

Read 1 Peter 3:13-16.

In the movie, how did Josh prepare to defend his faith? According to these Scriptures, how can we be prepared to talk with others about faith in Jesus Christ?

Read Matthew 5:11-12, 1Peter 3:14, 4:12-14, and 5:8-10.

In the movie, how did Josh properly response to persecution? Discuss principles seen in these verses related to our response when we face insults, persecution, or unfair treatment as regards our faith.

Discuss how Jesus handled persecution? Share Scriptures that encourage you to be bold. What is the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives in regards to sharing our belief in God?

Live – Taking It Home

Talk about one way that you can demonstrate boldness, gentleness, and/or respect to people who do not believe in God.

Discuss your response to an insult, persecution, or unfair treatment when sharing your faith? What is one way you can improve your response to be like Jesus?

Discuss one action step you will be taking as a result of watching this movie?

Lift – Praying Together

Make a list of fears related to sharing or defending your faith. One at a time, cross out your fear and replace it with a phrase of hope that you want to see God do.

How can your group pray with you?


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