Good Friday Worship

My three favorite celebrations of the Christian calendar are the birth, death and burial, and resurrection of our Lord.  How Christians can work, play, and otherwise ignore the day upon which we honor our Lord’s death, I may never know.  Take it seriously.  It is serious.  Without His death we are dead in our trespasses and sin.

Others have found Good Friday worship to be among their most meaningful worship experiences of their lives.  Here is one of the many comments I have received this year.

I must say the Good Friday services touch me more deeply than any other service during the year. Oh, we have glorious celebrations on Resurrection Sunday and Christmas Day and other inspirational services throughout the year but there is something about meditating on Gethsemane and Good Friday that reaches deep into my soul. When I look at the cross, I see a wondrous symbol of Jesus love for me. His love is overwhelming, I can’t begin to understand it, why he was willing to sacrifice so much for me, and I’ll never be able to do anything to deserve it but I do embrace it fully.

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