Good Time Golf

Every once in a while you need to just get down and have a blast.  I haven’t played much golf for many years.  For one, I hurt my neck in an automobile accident, and two, I have a wife and four children who believe money for dinner is more important than  money for dad to chase a ball around a course while seeking the ever illusive cup.

Well, recently I broke out.  That’s right.  Breakout Summer 2010.  I picked up the old clubs and ………. I was terrible.  One good thing is that I didn’t have to look for my ball out in the woods or in the deep rough.  Nope.  I couldn’t hit it that far.

Discouraged?  No way.  The talented men with whom I teed up, were almost as bad as me.  From what I can tell, bad loves company.

Back in the real world, after the round, we were all about 80 percent better than we actually were.  My 3 foot putt somehow grew to a 38 footer with rocks, multiple levels of green, and hurricane force winds.

By the way, Bishop Bill and I, after a long and difficult struggle, snatched victory from the highly talented team of Tommy and Dale.  No, we didn’t win.  We tied.  That’s much better than losing.

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