Gratitude is good for everyone involved.

This email just arrived with appreciation for the MCA Christmas Blessing team.  May God be glorified as you read.

Your crew of ministers in the Christmas blessing group are out of this world!!
We just received two boxes PACKED with exactly as advertised – Blessings!!

I nearly wept as I surveyed the boxes, I could not restrain myself from peeking. There is an abundance of John 10:10 proportions for ——–, toys and clothes that will delight him beyond words. Great and thoughtful gifts for ——- and —— to remind them that God blesses their sacrifice.

Thank you.
The items that you sent our family are dialed in to our hearts. Very well done! Pecans? who would have thought to send those, but your crew knew.
Clearly, they’ve been at it for a while, and have taken suggestions from other missionary families. But you can’t guess the value of seeing such a collection of goodies.
Oh. You can.
The father must be delighted with his servants at MCA for thier goodness and faithfulness. We sure are.


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