Greetings From Overseas

I just received an inspiring Global Outreach letter from one of our MCA members. I don’t know if there is any reason to be careful about names and details, for safety reasons, so I have removed names and places (just in case).

Read this and celebrate with us!

I will be here in —— probably until February 2011.

I will be doing mission work starting Deaf Kids’ Club near the deaf government school soon. Also I work with an A/G missionary ******** who runs over 5,000 hearing muslim and non-muslim children at his ********** every week.

He and I have developed some ideas to start Deaf Kids’ Club. He is a great asset to our future deaf children ministry. He loves all children very much. He has real big heart.

Tomorrow, I will be meeting with the principal of ******* SpEd school who supervises the deaf education department. I am planning to volunteer to teach deaf students how to read two or three times a week probably in the afternoon. All of teachers for the deaf and I have very good relationship. They know that I am a missionary. They allow me to talk about God with anybody in school not like in U.S. More freedom for me here 🙂

My one year assignment Missionary Associate will not be in ******. It is going to be in another island around March or April next year. I will be here ********** for four months.

I preach at a deaf church every Sunday. Two small deaf churches do not have any pastors in ********. I just fill in either of them every Sunday.

I have talked with plenty of deaf children at the deaf school that want to go to deaf A/G church but they have no money for the bus fare. They live too far from the church. I guess I will have to start a bus ministry even though we don’t even have a church bus. I will have to just give each kid for a fare every week. I will plan to meet with their parents for their permission to send their kids to church. You don’t need any permission from the parents in the U.S. But not in ************ because of their culture. I have to go through their parents for their permission to send their kids even non-married adults to church.

Please continue to pray for my ministry. Last Sunday, I led a deaf man to Christ. There are more people who want to be saved.

I will continue to love them as who they are not how they live. Love will overcome their sins of this world. People are very hungry for Word of God. They will change as the Holy spirit is working in their lives. Their culture and their lifestyles are very complicated. I have plenty of patience.

I am making some adjustments to blend myself with their culture. By the way, the Missionary Associate application is done now. I have been approved. I will need to go to Pre-field Orientation in Springfield, Mo. this March before I go to a mission field.

I feel peace about being here. My life is making a lot of changes even this very strange country. ********** is pretty dark spiritually. Anyway, I think this is all I have for now. Blessings, S G

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