Grief May Be A Window of the Soul

What do we do with the heart realities following Sister Sheneman’s death?  For me, her death gives me a new “Window of the Soul.”  Finding a quiet place to pray, reflect, and meditate, I begin to look deep inside my heart through the window of grief.  I see both beautiful and rather ugly things, things that should be built upon and things that should be removed.

Two of the ugliest realities I see through this window of the soul are selfishness and earth-bounded-ness.  Without a doubt it is far better for Ida to leave the pain, restrictions, and difficulties of the mortal and to put on the joys and freedoms of immortality.  She is much better served to set aside corruption for incorruption.  Me?  The view through this window allows me to see how much I selfishly cling to the mortal and corruptible.

Not everything in the view is that ugly (by God’s grace).  By God’s grace I have enjoyed thirty years of God’s love as demonstrated in relationship with this glorious daughter of God.  I have the capacity to be selfish, yet with God’s grace, I also have the ability to give and receive love.

What do you see through the windows of your soul?

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