Have You Considered Investing Your…..Self?

I totally love anything connected, directly or indirectly, to sharing Christ across cultural differences.  Talking to people who have never heard, those who have little access to the Good News, and to those for whom Jesus is brand new, is a very exciting thing for me.

I love missionaries.  Those who leave what they know and love to minister to those they love and are yet to know.  Every missionary I know is a hero, in my book.  Ask me about great humans and you  will get a long list of missionary names.

A missionary is a highly specific calling, skill set, gifting, and work load.  Missionaries make sense of the Good News for people with a different language, culture, lifestyle, philosophy, world-view, and religion.

Knowing the Gospel, a missionary sets out to know the people to whom God has called them.  How do they understand a sacrifice?  What understanding of covenant do they have?  What is the center of the human being, from their perspective:  the kidney, heart, brain?

Our Global Outreach emphasis is, in part, designed to give you the opportunity to consider investing the rest of your life in missionary service.  We are inviting everyone in our network to reconfirm the part of God’s work for which you are responsible and to consider changing that work to missionary ministry.

I know that we are all on mission.  Every Jesus follower is on mission.  But to be a missionary is an entirely different deal.  Missionaries are sent ones.  Launched by God, you go where He sends, when He sends, the way He sends.


Volunteer to the Chief Recruiter.  “Lord, here am I.  Send me (Isaiah 1).”  Let’s see what God does with our willingness.

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