Have you thanked a worship ministry team?

Every week we receive the blessing of our worship team’s ministry. What a gift.

I don’t know how to measure the amount of sacrificial work that our co-laborers have given and continue to give each week. How many years of practice does it take to become proficient as a vocalist or guitar player or drummer? How many hours of creative reflection and Biblical meditation and prayer is required to write a congregation moving, soul inspiring, God honoring song? And all of that is simply for the individual. Think of the discipline it takes to turn a group of musicians into a team.

Yesterday, one of our worship team members had just completed a chemo treatment, was exceedingly tired, yet found the strength in God to carry on in leading worship.

Each weekend we receive these gifts from our worship teams. Just this past weekend our teams led 13 worship services. WOW!

Let’s make personally thanking a worship team member a regular part of our encouragement ministry.


Justin and Beca


The Wrights and the Oudeans

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