Hearing from God in Real Time

The New Testament writers teach that God speaks today. He hasn’t lost His voice because some mystical “age” has come to an end. Some folks say that God changes the way he relates to humans based upon dispensations and the season we are in now, according to them, is one where God can not speak. From my perspective, the Bible no where agrees with this notion.

God is alive and well. He doesn’t have laryngitis. His communication skills are superb.

God still speaks.

One of the communication processes by which God speaks is called prophecy. Prophecy is a communication process that God has used throughout all of history. There are several kinds of prophetic processes through which God has and is communicating.

I see God using prophecy to communicate a bit differently in the time before the Holy Spirit was released on the Day of Pentecost and after that glorious day.

In our services yesterday, the Holy Spirit prompted Brian Michaels to speak a communication from God to our congregation. Brian’s communication aligned with the New Testament requirements for a “prophetic word” and was received as such.

In brief, Brian’s communication reminded us that the miraculous power of God in the Old and New Testaments is still active in our world of today. Believe and trust God for miracles.

A surge of believing God moved into the hearts of those who heard the message. Faith was born and re-ignited.

If yesterday was the first experience of that kind for you, I trust this blog is helpful in understanding what was happening. This type of communication from God to people is very common today and is often experienced in our ministry gatherings.

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