Home for Christmas?

I am wondering if there is a downside to the realities of the delightful Christmas song, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas?” Surely, the upside far outweighs the downside, yet the downside deserves some attention.

I’m just wondering if it is really all that great for a new widow to be home for Christmas? Is the newly divorced man all that excited to be home for Christmas?

What are the unique challenges a military couple faces when one spouse returns from the war after being gone and in battle for over a year? How does a five year old boy feel when he hasn’t seen dad for over a year and now dad is back in the home? Maybe dad left a gentle, energetic, joyful soul and has returned battle weary and struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? A single soldier returns “Home” only to find that she was barely missed, everything has changed, and she doesn’t feel that she fits in the ‘old gang’ anymore.

I have a couple of suggestions………

1. How about offering to baby sit the children so mom and dad can have a weekend away?

2. Figure out ways to make home for Christmas feel like a genuine “HOME” this Christmas.

3. Say to one of your “home for Christmas buddies,” “What is the best thing that has happened to you since you have been gone? What is one of the most difficult things?

4. “Here’s $20. Have some fun on my dime.”

5. “Our Christmas Celebration Table wouldn’t be complete without you. Are you willing to come over and celebrate with us?

6. “We have some extra airline miles. May I fly your best friend/parents/old football buddy/etc. up for a week?

My home can be your home this Christmas.

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