Honoring Sister Veta Rude

In a lovely celebration of life on a stunningly beautiful day, Sister Rude’s South Central Alaska family laid her body to rest. For 97 wonderful years this dear sister traveled life’s journey and blessed virtually everyone with whom she had contact.

Talk about a prayer warrior. Wow! Only when we hear Heaven’s report will we know what all God did through her prayer life. Sister Rude joined in support of her husband in establishing ministries. For example, their dedicated life and service to the Lord produced a marvelous work for Christ in Cordova, Alaska. In their later years they gifted their congregation and facility to the Alaska District Council of the Assemblies of God.

I have, personally, been the recipient of many hours of prayer by Veta. She has prayed over me through many challenges and opportunities. Her daughter, Phyllis, and granddaughter Shari, are tremendously helpful to the work God has given MCA to accomplish in the world.

Good night, Veta. We’ll greet you in the morning.



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