Horrific Persecution of Christians by Islamic Radicals

Today I received a photograph that has troubled my mind significantly. What evil lurks in the hearts of mankind? How could Cain murder Abel? Why are humans so frequently diabolical to one another? Yes, I know of the atrocities of history, but it seems that in 2012 everyone should be decent, kind, and humane.

Islamic radicals locked a building full of Christians in their church building, added an fuel source, and burned them all to death. The photo is of their martyred bodies lying in the church-yard.

There is no doubt that I have not prayed for the persecuted church as I ought. Our sisters and brothers are in grave danger throughout the world and their deepest desire is for people like you and me to pray for them.

I am giving thought to posting the photo. I wonder if posting would stir other Christians to increased intercession? Would others be moved to action? Could we move governments to intervene? Or, would it simply give a stage for the darkness, wickedness, and hatred against Jesus and his followers.

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