How are you doing in your secret life?

It is very hard to believe that more than one out of ten South Central Alaska residents are food insecure. As Jesus followers, we know that acts of righteousness have been defined, very clearly, by God in the Bible. Our church culture tends to define righteousness by sinful things we don’t do, which is a very good partial definition. A more complete definition of the acts of a righteous person is based upon actions we do! Of sorts, we are not known by what we don’t do, but by what we do.

The acts of righteousness, according to Matthew 6, are secret giving to people in need, secret prayer, and secret fasting.

The following pictures are intended to show that a large number of food insecure people are the recipients of acts of righteousness by some MCA Jesus followers. I tried to make sure our workers faces are not shown, so that I don’t blow their secret cover :0)

The photos are from our Manna Mobile ministry which serves our community every Wednesday morning. Our honored guests wait indoors and then move outdoors to the shopping line. Each person is free to select the food items they desire from the shopping line.


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