How many more do you have in you?

The aged church planter, approaching eternity with each breath, tried to climb out of his hospital bed, even though he was well wired and tubed. “Dad, what are you doing. Get back in bed.” “Son,” he replied, “I think I can plant one more church before I die.”

One more! How many more miracles with God are left in your ministry?

Tom, who has just taken his third retirement, stopped by the office today. “After hearing about that church planter, I am reminded that I have more ministry left in me. I came by to see what I can do for the Kingdom.”

Tom and his father and mother planted eight churches. The one with which I am familiar is the First Assembly of God in West Monroe, Louisiana ( Tom’s mom received her minister credential renewal the day after she died… 98 years old!

YES! Taking another mountain for God while approaching 100 years of age.


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