Humbled by The Gift!

Surprised. Speechless. Overwhelmed. Beyond words. Appreciative. Thankful. Amazed.

Pastor Philippe YAMEOGO shocked me with one of the grandest gifts of my life.

Philippe gave me the Word of God.

His gift is inerrant, infalible, authoritative, and ageless. It explains the Alpha and the Omega, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and the Great I Am. His gift reveals Jesus, God’s Son, as the Savior of all mankind. In it’s pages we learn of Jesus’ power over sin, sickness, and Satan. Written there are the words of life and from it we learn about life eternal. Without this book we would not know of heaven, the New Jerusalem, the Throne Room, and the heavenly Tabernacle. Yes, Philippe gave me a Holy Bible. But not just any Holy Bible.

He gave me HIS Holy Bible.

This is the Bible with which he has learned the ways of God, come to know the love of God, and experienced revelation. From this Bible he has taught school classes, Sunday school, Bible studies, weekend sermons, revival meetings, staff meetings, missionary conventions, prayer meetings, children’s church, youth camps, and taught his children the words and ways of God.

As Philippe began to explain his appreciation to me, I had a growing sense of unworthiness. Not the kind that causes self contempt or feelings of worthlessness but the awareness that love and grace are far beyond my ability to comprehend.

If I was worthy, it wouldn’t have been a gift, but a payment. philippe bible

The only appropriate response to spectacular love is humble acceptance.

Philippe, my dear friend, thank you.

Over 2,000 years ago Someone Else gave us the Word of God and the words of God.

The only appropriate response is humble acceptance.

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