I Agree!

The following video was blocked from my Facebook page as “False Information.” Free coffee with me to talk about your view, if you can find ANY false info in this nine-minute video. To quote my childhood self, “I dare you. Double dog dare you, to view this and find any false information.”

4 thoughts on “I Agree!”

  1. Amazing grace of word choice … It really could make a great song! … Wow! THANKS! I’m so glad you found it, Pastor K. I love sharing video’s this is a must!
    P.S. I hope you have or will receive the video i sent, although people can be so cold cause the young lady is one of our post workers … Can u send a personal confirmation e-mail to let me know if you have received it?
    Thanks !

      1. I just watched this. It is amazing. I AGREE!!
        Thank you for Fearlessly posting this video. You’re an inspiration to me. Jesus is Lord!

  2. Thanks !!! … Sorry, I just found out 8:59 PM 8/26/2022. Normal is not real anymore.
    THANK YOU PASTOR! I’m gaining back the JESUS & Especially his Holy Spirit. Thank you for telling me about the video.

    Bless you too Sir!

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