I Have Family in the Business

You can find a member of the Christian family just about everywhere.  When you need a sister or a brother God has someone right there.

Mistakenly, our airline tickets were marked two day delivery without a Saturday delivery.  This schedule would totally throw off our preparation for ministry in Burkina.  In fact, there was a chance that our tickets would not arrive before our flights were scheduled to leave.

“There has to be someone in God’s family already positioned to be of assistance.”

Yes!  Tristan works at Federal Express.  That’s right.  Bingo.  No problem.

One chat.  A couple of phone calls and a voice mail or two and I picked up the airline tickets this morning.

No.  Not on time.  EARLY!  I think I read that somewhere……”Before you call I will answer.”

I am glad I have family in the business.  Thanks Dad (Father God) and thanks brother (Tristan).

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