I would like to enjoy P.I.E. with you!

I am very excited about……………PIE?  Well, yes.  Not just the delectable tastes of smooth and silky pecan pie and the friendship and fun that happens when we eat together, but also the exchange of vision, dreams, and ideas relating to the Our Phenomenal Future capital campaign.

Tonight is our first Pastor’s Information Exchange (PIE).  Pastor Fay and her team and the Capital Campaign Leadership Team are planning approximately 25 PIE meetings in a variety of locations and settings throughout South Central Alaska and Guy Mofley is preparing presentations for our MCA friends who live outside of the Anchorage/Wasilla/Palmer area.  We are going to have a most wonderful time in these gatherings.

We plan for these meetings to require approximately 1 hour of your time.  One hour invested in the Phenomenal Future of our worship community.  One hour for the hundreds of children and teenagers who follow a step behind us.  One hour, ultimately, for the glory of God.


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