If Only Everyone Would Be Like Steve :0)

Steve, of the Steve and Anita Wright clan, has been most impressive this month. As leader of the MCA Country Gospel service on the first Friday of each month, Steve has increased the invitation quotient for all of MCA. How many folks do you think Steve has personally invited to our December 5th Country Gospel service?

If American Christians get fired up about something at their church, we might expect them to invite 1 or 2 people to a life changing Gospel presentation. The really fired up folks could actually peg out at 5 to 10 guests invited.

Not Steve.

Steve received Christ about 8 years ago during the MCA presentation of Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames. Anita trusted in Christ as Savior first, told Steve about the personal transformation the Jesus made in her, and then invited Steve to join her. He couldn’t resist the love of Jesus that he saw in the drama and he trusted in Christ too. He is a raving fan of Jesus Christ!

Back to the number of people you are guessing he has already invited………personally……….one on one………..eyeball to eyeball?

At least 900!

Now that is impressive.

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