In Times Like These: Recalibrate

Today’s talk is designed to discover our opportunity to recalibrate according to Person, work, life, and ministry of Jesus. The Christ in the crib changed everything!

In Times Like These

To get the most beautiful music out of our lives, we recalibrate by the Christ in the crib.

Let’s define recalibration as “to measure and then adjust into alignment with a standard.”

One’s blood pressure is measured according to a standard and then adjusted, in cooperation with a doctor, through exercise, diet, stress reduction, and possibly medication.

Have you ever reset your handheld or tablet device to “Factory Default Settings?” This is another type of recalibration that brings your device into alignment with a standard.

Sailing to your favorite fishing location you discover the wind, waves, and tide have moved you from your intended path, you simply make another type of recalibration, you make a mid-course correction.

The birth of Jesus is the turning point of an entirely new way to relate with God. Because God introduced a new approach to relationship, we must all recalibrate.

To produce the most beautiful music out of our lives, we recalibrate by the Christ in the crib.

Thermometers, speedometers, and navigational devices commonly need recalibration.

Let’s consider recalibration through the life of Saul of Tarsus, also known as the Apostle Paul.

Thermometer (The temperature of your spiritual life) Philippians 3:5, 6
• Saul was fired up with zeal for God but against Jesus.
• With zeal for God Saul traveled far and wide to destroy followers of Jesus.
Speedometer (The speed of your life) Galatians 1:14
• Saul was intensely after God and against Jesus and his followers.
• He was advancing in Judaism beyond many his age (rapid advancement).
Navigation Systems (The direction of your life) Galatians 1:13
• Saul was doing his best with an outdated navigation system.
• God had refreshed from the Old Covenant of law to the New Covenant of grace and Saul was just about to get the update.

If Paul was a piano, he had all the correct hardware. He had the right keys, strings, and pedals. Yet he almost instantly became aware that he needed to recalibrate because he was in the wrong band and playing the wrong music. Acts 9:1-9

Recalibration to the Christ in the crib will help you make the most beautiful music from your life.

Do you need to recalibrate the thermometer of your life? Matthew 24:12 tells us that the love of many will grow cold. Paul says, in Romans 12:11 “keep your spiritual fervor (fever).”

Do you need to recalibrate the speedometer of your life?

Do you need to recalibrate your life navigation system? Like Saul, are you headed in the wrong direction? Do you love God, but need to recalibrate to the Person, character, and life of Jesus? Matthew 6:9,10

God will recalibrate the entire universe. Revelation 21:1-4

Ways to respond to this teaching.

1. Get your blood pressure checked and recalibrate as necessary.
2. Ask God to reset your thermometer, speedometer, and navigation system to factory defaults.
3. Ask God to give you grace to make a mid-course correction.
4. Ask yourself, “Am I measuring my life according to the correct standard (Jesus)?

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