In Times Like These: Rename

This message is designed to assist you in taking ownership of the meaning of the events of your life by giving them names that reflect God’s intended meaning.

The phenomenal video by Stephanie is included at the end of the notes.

In Times Like These

My mind is always seeking to make sense of life by asking the question, “What does this mean?”

As I come to terms with the meaning, I name the experience.

Names and meaning become interconnected.

God often has a different meaning in mind for our personal experiences. As we discover God’s intended meaning we have the opportunity to re-name our experience to more accurately capture what God intended.

When we rename we can reclaim God’s intended purpose.

• Abram was renamed (Abraham) to reclaim God’s intended purpose of being the father of nations.
• Jacob was renamed (Israel) to reclaim God’s intended purpose of being the father of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Should you be involved in reclaiming God’s intended purposes? YES!

Rename and Reclaim for God’s Intended Purposes

• Rename your trial as becoming mature. James 1:2-4
• Rename your difficulty as a display of God’s work. John 9:2,3
• Rename your hardship as discipline. Hebrews 12:7-11
• Rename your experience as God’s exhibit A. Job 1:8
• Rename the intentions of others as God’s preparation for greater things. Genesis 50:20

In Stephanie Pereida’s video, you will see her reclaiming beauty by renaming brokenness.

The final component of our weekend worship experience is designed for you to personally connect with and experience God. As you go to the crosses today and receive Holy Communion:
1. Is there an area of your life in which you need to reclaim God’s intended purpose? Is there something that you should rename?
2. Do you have brokenness in which you should name it’s beauty?
3. Today is a great day to place your trust in Jesus for salvation and experience the name change that God will give you. You will go from enemy of God to friend of God.

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