Investing in the MCA Mission

Investing in MCA Church is a total joy for me. Just a few hours ago I made my first year-end gift through the MCA Church Central Campus Stewardship Kiosk. Within seconds, I had the joy of knowing that my contribution was received and ready for deployment. The thank you email from Bryan Fick was a delightful surprise.

My year-end investment was made for reasons with which you may identify:

1. I had intended to give earlier in the year but had simply delayed.
2. I received gifts during the Christmas season that allowed me to give more to the ministry of our church.
3. I see the huge amount of sacrificial serving, giving, and living that our people do and I am motivated to participate with them.
4. In prayer, I had the awareness that the Lord was prompting an amount of money that I should give.

Please receive my appreciation for your support of the MCA Church “Miracle in Muldoon.” We are surely sustained by the grace of God and the faithful giving of His people.

Because of your giving, I will be releasing all of the money we pledged for our third elementary school in Burkina Faso and all of the money for our first solar powered water well.

You always go the second, third, and even fourth mile.

To contribute today, click here.


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