Is There Any Responsibility When One Votes?

As a leader, I am aware that I am responsible for the decisions that I make. Information is gathered from experts, authors, other folks experience, and in many other ways. Opinions are heard. Mitigating circumstances are considered. Then I make the decision. It is my decision. Mine and mine alone, because I made it. I must take all of the consequences and side effects of the decision because I made the decision.

In a similar way I am responsible for the outcomes of the person for whom I voted. If my chosen candidate is pro-life, I have a slice of the pro-life responsibility. If my chosen candidate is pro-choice, I have a slice of the pro-choice responsibility.

From my view, personal responsibilities are measured by God. God cares about how well I keep my responsibilities. If I had voted for the killing of Stephen, I would have to answer to God for the fact that my vote, in part, resulted in a man’s death. This is serious stuff.

In this election, MCA members were involved in a variety of ways. Lance Pruitt was elected, as a Republican, to the State House of Representatives. Another gentleman was the Campaign Chair for a Democratic candidate. Some campaigned for the candidate of their choosing and others hardly even cared there was an election happening.

My point? Remember that God will hold you responsible for the outcomes of your vote and, in the next election, remember to think about the responsibilities of the ballot in your hand.

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