Jackie, Judy, The Hulls, and You

You missions maniacs! Everytime I turn around our church family is doing some fun, challenging, adventurous activity for the cause of Christ around the world.

Today was miles for missions. That’s right. Walk, run, peddle, roller blade, roller skate, or even skateboard to raise funds for our missionaries.

Jackie needs money to get to her field. Judy needs transportation in the Ukraine. The Hulls need assistance in Alaska.

Please click on the online donation tab of the church web site and make a donation for “Miles for Missions.”

By the way, did you know how much fun it can be to raise money for missions? Additionally, we were giving a few hours of our time for things that last for eternity. Did you do anything eternal today?


Early participants praying over “Miles for Missions.”


Mark, Mobilization Director, gasping for a drink of GatorAid.


Janelle and Peggy enjoying their 10 mile run.


Grandfather (Byron) and grandson helping the Cause.


Pastor Fay, as part of her 8-10 mile walk. I took this while riding a bike the other direction. Sorry for the blur. Or is it that Fay was simply walking super fast?


Missionary J.T, serving Chai tea and representing the thousands of children who need the Lord.


Pops made part of Saturday eternal by representing Boys and Girls Missionary Club.


Pam and Aubrey provide moral support and lunch at the finish line.

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