Jesus is Alive!

In the death of Jesus Christ death died.  Whosever places their full trust and faith in Jesus receives the full and eternal life of his resurrection.  He lives!

Yet much in our world shows signs that the enemies of this life are posturing to destroy as much as possible before their final demise.   The enemies of life are brilliant in their strategy and implementation.

Enemy of Life Strategy One

Kill the Bible.  This strategy has required an amazing turn of events.  For thousands of years the enemy has tried to kill the Bible from outside.  Other religions, atheists, and agnostics have given their best genius at destroying the Living Word.  To no avail.  

The enemies of life had to regroup.  “Let’s figure out how to do an inside job.  Let’s get religious church type folks to kill the Bible for us.”  So, the “smart” people began to say that the Bible isn’t infallible.  It isn’t authoritative.  It isn’t the Word of God, but parts of it contain the words of God.  

Lately the attack has been “The Bible isn’t the Word of God, it is the story of God’s action with people.  Let’s replace the Word of God with narrative theology.”

Enemy of Life Strategy Two

Kill the preaching of the Bible.  Since the Bible is no longer Good News, but fairly good advice, let’s make preaching more of an entertainment event than a proclamation of wisdom from God.  Those who hate God seek to make the preaching event all about humans and making life better here and now.

The unpardonable sin would be to offend the culture.  It is the stupid, mindless preacher who is willing to offend the culture.  Galatians 5:11 reveals that the cross of Jesus is offensive to some.  The enemies of life had to pull off an inside job to remove the preaching of the cross from thousands of “churches.”

Enemy of Life Strategy Three

Kill the student of the Bible.  Why study the Bible if it only contains the words of God?  No need to memorize the scripture in order to catch the general idea of the narrative of God.  Maybe the new mantra is “Thy Word have we hidden from your church that we might sin against thee.”  

The local bar didn’t cancel Sunday School.  The folks on the inside did.  The local Atheist Society didn’t shut down mid week Bible studies.  It was an inside job.

The problem for the enemies of life is that the resurrection of Jesus is proof positive that death has died. 

God’s living Word, the Bible, is yet fully alive.

The preaching of the Living Word is alive.

Students of the Bible are are flourishing through the Living Word.

Those who know the Living Word of God know that abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide are sins against the Holy and Moral God.

Those who know the Living Word of God know that marriage is a sacred bond between God, one man, and one woman (for life).

In the end, the Living Word of God will deal the death blow to all of the arguments of all the enemies of life, because, Jesus’ death killed death forever.

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