Jesus’ Simple Life: Don’t mess with the message!

Somehow, over the past 2000 years, followers of Jesus may have added, subtracted, and divided so many things that the simple message of Jesus is hard to see. I am sure you have heard it many times, “I like Jesus, but His followers…”
In my weekend talk I featured a verse from the King James Version of the Bible that emphasizes “the simplicity that is in Christ.” Following are my notes and LIFE Group Outline for this week.

A Simple Christmas

Jesus’ Simple Life

In 2 Corinthians 11:3 the Apostle Paul opens his heart to us:
• I fear
• That somehow by his craftiness
• Your minds may be corrupted
• From the simplicity in Christ

For Paul, the loss of simplicity in Christ is a fearful thing.

Generally speaking, the more complicated something is, the more likely it is to be wrong or ineffective.
Jesus’ simple message was anchored in His simple life.
• He didn’t seek popularity, fame, or notoriety
• He avoided excess possessions and wealth
• He had no desire to be the Big Man on Earth
• He didn’t need be entertained, seek pleasure, or have busy-ness in order to have joy.

Jesus’ simple message is, “Follow me.” Twenty-three times Jesus talked about following him.

In Luke 9:57-62 Jesus states the simple truth of following Him.

1. Follow me – Even though you won’t fit in any more. Vs. 58
2. Follow me – Even though you have other important things to do. Vs. 59
3. Follow me – Even though you have other important relationships. Vs. 61

The Geneva Bible notes on this passage say, “The calling of God ought to be preferred without any question, before all duties that we owe to men.”

“My mind will not become corrupted by Satan’s craftiness. I will abide in the simplicity that is in Christ.”

Our MCA tithing and donors will receive, this week, an invitation to make a year-end investment into the vision and ministry of our church. Additionally, you will receive an 11-month report of our record of your giving. If we have an error on your giving record please contact our accounting team at 337-9495 to make adjustments.

Today is our day to vote “Yes” for our missions team around the world. Our giving at the end of the service provides for the monthly income of our missionaries and in the month of December is a type of Christmas gift to them. Our mission’s teams have gone out based upon our promises to support them. Sponsor a child today. Vote yes for our missionaries.


Connecting with Each Other

1. Christmas gifts often say, “Some Assembly Required.” What is one of the most complicated assemblies you have
ever had to make for Christmas?
2. What is your favorite Christmas season dessert?

Digging Deeper into the Weekend Talk

1. The Apostle Paul was concerned that the same crafty serpent that corrupted Eve will corrupt our minds from the
simplicity in Christ. What are the tactics of the serpent? Genesis 3:1-5
2. Why is the fear of not fitting in so powerful to humans?
3. Why is God’s work often second in priority to our work?
4. Why are other relationships more important to us that our relationship with Jesus?


1. Please pray for our mission’s team around the world.
2. Please pray for generous year-end giving.
3. Invite everyone in your life group to “follow Jesus.”

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