Just Did It

Your communications to me are thought provoking and insightful. Thanks for sending me your ideas, hopes, and “wouldn’t it be neat if’s.”

The following is part of an email I received today. I’ll leave the names out for privacy sake.

I have long believed that Nike stole the Christian motto with their ‘Just do it’ slogan. I think it would be really cool to take their famous Check mark symbol and tilt it a bit more vertical and turn it into a cross by just adding a short horizontal line up near the top of it and then using the new symbol to launch a slogan to take back the stolen ground namely, “Just DID it”. I like the idea of shifting the emphasis to accomplishing goals rather than dreaming about them. I have some goals that I still dream about but I also try to get my fair share of things actually done as well.

I was pressing my friend from church about that a couple of weeks ago. She said, “I have always wanted to go paragliding.” I then asked her why she didn’t just do it. If she really wanted to do it as she stated, there is nothing standing in her way except to simply do it. It is not like some things where it requires getting the cooperation of others, or the accumulation of resources, or getting the ducks all in a row…. Just go to Alyeska, go to the 2nd floor, buy the ticket up the tram, pay for the jump, watch the 5 minute video, suit up and jump off the bloomin’ mountain.” If you want to do it, invest 1 hour and $200. Yesterday, she just did it.

The day before that, _____________rode his bike all the way from south Anchorage to the fair. He wanted to do it. It was a goal—- He just DID it. He didn’t just talk about it.

_____________ Just DID it, by starting her women’s home Bible study.

So, here is the idea. We should consider really seriously developing this idea and pushing it by 1) encouraging people to just do things. 2) acknowledging and praising people just doing things 3) directing people to turn their attention to the right things 4) teaching people to build on what they have done to do even more.



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