Just in from an Un-named Friend

How is this for a praise report?

Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters,

I am so excited to inform you that I will be leaving for_______ on Friday morning, November 28 and will arrive in _______ Sunday morning, November 30.  God is faithful and has provided the funding I needed to receive financial clearance.  And it looks like I have an apartment waiting for me when I arrive—a huge blessing because setting up an apartment in India is a long and tedious process.  Praise the Lord!!!

My first task will be studying the ________ language.  During that time I will be looking for property, seeking ______ believers to work alongside me, and have the privilege of building relationships with some of the 125,000 street children of that city. My goal is to have a drop-in center for the children up and running by the end of my first year back on the field.  This will be a place where homeless children can come to eat, get cleaned up, receive medical attention, and have a safe place to play and just be kids for a few hours. I also want to connect them with literacy tutoring and provide vocational training with the goal of helping the age 14 and older youth set up cottage industries and become self-supporting.  An additional property will also be secured so that ongoing spiritual care can be provided in the form of a “church” for street children.  This will require wisdom and I covet your prayers.

I am extremely grateful to you for your generosity toward the work to which God has called me and for your faithful support.  Please remember me in your prayers.  This is not a work I can do alone.  The power of the Holy Spirit and the prayers of the believers will enable many lives to be touched for the Kingdom.

Please pray for safe travel, His guidance during this time of transition, and for aptitude in language study.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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